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Medical Assitant




8 Weeks


About the Course

Our online medical assistant course equips students with in-depth healthcare knowledge required to deliver quality patient care and work collaboratively with healthcare teams.

  • This online medical assistant certification course covers anatomy & physiology, principles of human diseases, infection control, pharmacology, healthcare fundamentals, diagnostic methods, clinical procedures, BLS training, and more!

  • Includes 15 modules of right-sized content interwoven with interactivity and instant performance feedback.

  • Instant course access upon enrollment, allowing you to begin your learning journey without delay.

  • Modules include detailed lectures and notes, expert-led video presentations, interactive activities, real-world clinical cases, patient skills simulations, classmate interactions, continuous feedback and support from instructors.

Your Instructor

Ilnise Mathieu

Professor Mathieu has been working in the medical field for more than 10 years. The combined experience as a Subject Matter Expert, Instructor, and Program Coordinator has allowed her to teach multiple courses including Phlebotomy, Cardio Respiratory, Clinical, and Laboratory Procedures.
She has been actively engaged in Medical Assisting program-related activities designed to enhance the quality of the program. She is excited to have you in her class and to help you take steps into the future of your desired career.

Ilnise Mathieu
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